Why can't we have a single IDE that supports multiple languages?


I frequently work on projects that have a combination of languages (e.g., Java and Python, JavaScript and Go, etc.).  I thought IntelliJ would allow me to create a new empty project and then add modules of different types but it really doesn't work.  For example, I tried to create an empty project and then add a JavaScript module.  That sort of worked but as soon as I added a Go module, Go sort of took over the entire project.  I have resorted to having individual IDE projects in the subdirectories of my actual project and switching back and forth between WebStorm and Goland but what a pain.  IntelliJ really has a unique opportunity to create a polyglot IDE but it seems like they are failing to realize the opportunity...



If you can't work on JS and Go modules at the same time, it's a bug that has to be fixed. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is intended to be a polyglot IDE and what you describe should definitely work.

Please report at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/newIssue?project=IDEA with a sample project / steps to reproduce.


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