CLion window flickers to blank grey randomly


I'm using CLion for the first time to try out developing in Rust and am running into an issue where the entire window will occasionally flicker to a blank, gray screen for a split second, sometimes several times in a row. It happens most often right after I focus another window, but will also sometimes happen randomly while editing.

This is first time I'm using a JetBrains IDE on this install of Windows, but I've used WebStorm and PyCharm in the past on this PC and have not encountered this issue. I should note that I'm running CLion on half of a large monitor, if it makes any difference.

I have uploaded the logs from a couple minutes after a particularly long fit of flickers:
Upload id: 2022_12_11_Q1wARjWmFoaBxFuwzy8BQJ (file: clion

Please note that my issue is separate from the one described here; I am not using the program in full screen mode and it does not flash white, but rather the gray associated with dark mode.

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Please try one of the following:

  1. Disable the hardware acceleration:
  • Go to OS Settings | System | Display
  • Click Graphics settings at the bottom
  • On the opened settings page, set the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling switch position to OFF.
  1. If you have several graphic cards available, please try forcing the system to use only one of them and see if the IDE stops flickering with any of the configurations you try.

If none of the above helps, please share the additional details:

  1. Info about your video cards:
  • Run cmd (Win+R, cmd)
  • Type wmic path win32_VideoController get name, deviceID, driverdate, driverversion, CurrentRefreshRate
  • Copy the output and share it with us.
  1. Info about your displays:
  • In the OS Settings > System > Display click Advanced display settings at the page bottom.
  • In the appeared window, select the display where the issue happens, take the screenshot, and share it with us.

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