Error: No configured target data sources


Hey guys! I just ran into this error. I was able to query stuff just fine before restarting my computer. But now when DataGrip came back up it's throwing this popup every time i try to run the query again. Any thoughts on how to fix it?


How do you run the query? Do you use the green play button in the gutter of the console or the run button at the top right of the DataGrip window? 



Konstantin Annikov i just discovered that it works when clicking on the bottom left and gives that error when clicking on the top right. Why is that?


Because on the top right, you may have a data source that does not exist listed in the Run Configuration.

Top right button is used to start the run configuration (doc), not the file currently focused in the editor.  


I see. Is there a reason they are different? Should they be the same?


Yes, run configurations are used to run more complex scripts, or aim several databases. 

Run configurations could also be used to run other types of programs like Python, or Java


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