Project folder won't show unless I reload CMake and disappears if I touch another window

When I open a project now the only files it shows are those from the extensions folder. I can see the name of my project (at the top) but not any of the files. Then if I reload CMake the project folder pops up. But if I click on any other window I have open (like a browser or my terminal) the folder disappears from the list of folders. I've tried updating CLion, uninstalling and reinstalling CLion, deleting the .idea folder for the project, and updating my laptop. None of it has worked. This happens with all my projects, even the really old ones that haven't been touched in years.

I have a mac (M1 chip) that's running Ventura 13.1 right now. 

Any help would be appreciated.

After opening project:

After reloading CMake:

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Sorry for the delay. It seems you have the "Project Files" view selected ( Does it help if you select the "Project" view?


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