Making CLion behaves like Rider

Hello, I am used to work with Rider as my daily driver (mainly for Unreal Engine development) since my company use it to work in place.

This made me get used to the way Rider auto complete code and I ended up using it for not UE related stuff like console applications, etc.

Here comes CLion who I can also use and that have support for higher level feature on C++, but it also behaves different.

On Rider I can type cout, press the enter key and it auto complete the code with the std::cout << statement while on CLion I end up with just cout and the obvious error.

I can only get the suggestion that throws the full std::cout << statement if I stop at cou and I noticed that is the only situation where it happens.

Also, in Rider if I try to use something from a native library like iostream it shows Intellisense for said method and auto include the library when I press enter, CLion simply don't show anything and only when I manually typed the method name it throws the error and offers me to include it.

Is there any configuration in CLion that can make it behave the way Rider does on this scenario?


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