how to change the global go build dir ?


i configure the GOROOT  as /usr/local/go/bin/go , and my project in wsl, so when i run the project , goland always set the output to windows dir....

i want to set the default output dir to wsl ,because output to windows takes much more times ,buwhen i create a new project , i need to edit the configuration always, to change empty value to the dir in wsl.

if not do this, the output dir will be windows dir , is bad..... 

so i want to have a global option to change the default go build output wsl dir , like in windows has a default dir when we dont set the configuration.


all in all , windows output dir will make wsl build files so slow ....... so can we add a option to set the global default output dir?



You can configure it via File | New Projects Setup | Run Configuration Templates. All new configurations will inherit specified values.

I hope it helps.


It works !!! 

thank u hhhh


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