Key functionalities in Pycharm are not working as they should

Since few days I have noticed that my IDE is not acting as it should. I have no idea what can be the cause of it. I don't remeber doing something different than usual. Some key problems I'm facing:

  • when using find usage in files no results are shown (even though I now that it is present in project and previously it was working)
  • IDE is not suggesting anything when typing
  • when using ctrl+b on some code snippet nothing is happening (previously I could jump to the usage of it) -analyzing some file is always in progress and does not show any results

Thinks I tried, but didn't work:

  • invalidate caches and restart
  • unistalled pycharm and installed it again (previously I have installed pycharm using snap, now I'm using toolbox)
  • delete project and clone it again with new virtualenev
  • also tried rescaning indexes, but it takes forever and even after leaving it over a night it is not finished

If it is important I have my pycharm installed on ubuntu inside Virtual Machine. Do you have any idea how else could I repair it?



Please upload  logs folder zipped from ***Help | Collect logs and Diagnostic Data***  to the FTP and please let me know the filename. 


Upload id: 2022_12_22_3xfBB4VhJnzyZFk9tTGBS7 (file:


Please try  Help -> Edit Custom Properties, then added caches.indexerThreadsCount=1.


Let me know how it goes. 


Yay, it helped. Thanks a lot. 


hello Antonina,

your suggestion is really appreciable worked for us


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