Unresolved Reference for self built shared Library


I have a self built shared Library (.so) that I created using a setup.py. For now I put it in the sources root right next to my .py script.

PyCharm is complaining that it can not find the module. It's not a big issue because the program is running. I just want to make sure that my IDE and my Project are setup correctly.


Thanks for your help


Hi Nimi,

Unfortunately, Cython support is a feature of the Professional version and is not presented in the Community edition. Code will run correctly, but features such as inspections, code insight, etc., won't take effect with the Community edition.

The Pro version is available with 30 days free trial; you can download it here.


Daniil Bogdanov , I am running a professional version 2023.2.1 but having the same issue. I have .so file in the same directory as my source file, but the IDE still says “No module named ‘xxxx’”. Note that I have already put the path in the “Interpreter path”. Any suggestions> 

Please try following this article to compile the .so file and let us know if the problem persists: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/cython.html#get-started-cython

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