Open multiple files in same project from command line.

Prior to CLion 2022.3, if I ran the following command in the terminal:

clion project1/src/a.cpp project2/src/b.cpp project3/src/c.cpp

then (assuming the three files already existed) all three files would open in the currently running project. This is the behaviour I want.

Now, using CLion 2022.3, if I run the same command each file is opened in a separate project; so my currently opened files are closed, and `a.cpp` is opened on its own, then `a.cpp` is closed and `b.cpp` is opened on its own, then `b.cpp` is closed and `c.cpp` is opened on its own. A new `.idea` directory is also created for each file. This is very annoying.

Is there any way of restoring the previous behaviour? Or an option or command line flag which opens a file in the current CLion project rather than a new one? Or some way of marking which files belong to which CLion project?

For context, I am working on a ROS project, which contains individual packages which each have their own `CMakeLists.txt` file and `src` directory. I suspect this is why auto-detecting the project each file belongs to is not working as I would like.

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Amen! This had made CLion basically unusable for me. 


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