I need "clear buffer" action in console

When I press "ctrl + L" in the terminal, the terminal log appears to disappear. But in fact, if you scroll up with the mouse, you will see the previous log. Is there any chance this will be fixed?

It would be helpful to have the log disappear completely when verifying errors over and over again.

similar issue:

I'm having this problem with pycharm, but it's probably the same with other language IDEs

This is a normal behavior for most terminal emulators. Is it different in your system terminal app?

thanks andrey san

I use VSCode for my work and VSCode disables mouse scrolling by pressing "clear". But if the behavior of most "editor" is as you say, I'd better get used to it.



yoshitaka okada Actually, there is a command "Clear terminal" which you can find in the keymap settings that does exactly what you want, you can try assigning a shortcut for it. But it behaves differently on different OSs. E.g. on macOS it works for me flawlessly, but not in Windows.


thanks Andrey Resler san

I am using windows. And I am aware that I cannot clear the console with Ctrl+L.

Let's end this conversation now. thank you :)


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