Problem: Incorrect Whitespace

I am trying to format and check postgresql (.sql) files and I am experiencing an infuriating problem. The code style checker shows me a lot of "Incorrect Whitespace" errors, some of which the formatter automatically sets - especially on new lines.


Can someone help me and tell me where I can change the codestyle for whitespaces?
I suppose the codestyle is also seperate from the formatter for some reason? So these whitespaces cannot be formatted automatically?


Part of revamping how strings are handled required reworking the regular expression parser to handle the new-style character strings. Henry Spencer, who wrote the original regular expression library for Tcl also did the rewrite. While he was adding support for 16-bit Unicode he also added support for the Advanced and Extended regular expression rules.   MyGeorgiaSouthern


Hi Peter Gorzo,

What's your current IDE version? Can you please share an example of a SQL query that adds whitespace after reformatting the code in the editor?

We'll have a look.


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