PhpStorm, Xdebug configuration: Cannot find a local copy of the file on server


I try to debug my code, but i've trouble with the mapping Local/Server. I ask already here, but without success   

Using xdebug_break() (as temporary improvement) response with: 

Cannot find a local copy of the file on server /var/www/html/nudelplanet/src/Administration/Controller/AdministrationController.php
Local path is //var/www/html/nudelplanet/src/Administration/Controller/AdministrationController.php

- Where come from the local path //var/www/html/... . Never i setup this.
- My PHPStorm-setup is documented here


In terms of PhpStorm, Lando is a remote server. Files are located "remotely", they're not accessible by local file system, hence the "remote" naming.
Please enable "use path mappings" checkbox and adjust the mapping for that file.


Konstantin Annikov thx for reply. As you can see, your recommend setup is already done... Maybe i have an error in my config?


I was also getting the same error. I later realized that the mapping was wrong. It was solved by changing mapping and adding /app to the folder where lando.yml is located on mapping settings.


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