Special characters not displayed properly in "Run" window, and .exe app


Special characters (polish special characters ę, ó, ą, ś, ł, ż, ź, ć, and █, ╗) are not displayed correctly in Run window, and in .exe application.

In IDE all characters are written correctly, but when i try to run the code I get different letters. Ex:

Ôľł instead of █,

ÔĽŚ instead of ╗,

─ś instead of Ę,

┼╗ instead of Ż.


I changed my code to be saved in UTF-8 format, I also changed file encoding to UTF-8 in CLion settings. Furthermore i worked on linux terminal previously and same code printf("█"); worked as intended there after changing source code format (textfile) to UTF-8. Did anybody encounter this issue, and if so, does anybody know how to fix it?


CLion build: 2022.3

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Issue closed.
Fix: Set up windows console api to accept utf-8 code, using SetConsoleOutputCP().

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Just in case, in CLion on Windows it's possible to launch the process in the external cmd.exe console by enabling the "Run in external console" option in the run/debug configuration. It can be a workaround for such issues.


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