auto-sharing settings between all IDEs (except theme)


Is there a way to have all intellij IDEs share the same settings automatically? So eg if I add a shortcut in one, it appears in all?

The only thing I'd like to have separate is the theme. Is that possible?


Hi there,

There is Settings Sync plugin (bundled with latest 2022.3 version). It allows specifying what to share. Have a look and try it.


If you have an older IDE version and cannot upgrade yet (2022.2 and older) then there is bundled Settings Repository plugin (sharing settings via VCS) that you should be able to use for this (have not used it myself though) --


Yes, as was said before, if you use IDE versions 2022.3 and newer, you can use our new Settings Sync plugin for cross-IDE settings synchronization. For now, it's not possible to disable only themes sync, but you can disable the UI settings category in the Settings Sync options (IntelliJIDEA/File | Settings | Settings Sync):

We also have a separate request regarding theme synchronization; feel free to upvote and follow it to receive updates.


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