type ...%TYPE converted to ...

Hi all,

On postgresql

I would like to understand why after compilation the type is converted message 

type reference mytable.code%TYPE converted to character varying


My source file (on DDL mapping) : 

create or replace function myfunc(i_type mytable.mycolumn%TYPE) returns mytable.mycolumn2%TYPE

Generated Function (on database) 

create function myfun(i_type_ character varying) returns bigint

Is it a features of IDEA or datafrip or Postgresql features

How to have my function mapped parameters not converted ?







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Hi Regis,

Just to make things clear: your problem is that when you create a function (in DataGrip or using other means), the return parameter type is converted into a different data type? If this is correct, can you provide an example of your scenario with a detailed explanation? We need to know the steps taken to reproduce it on our end.

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