Git log does not switch the overview when changing branches


When changing branches in the Git log overview, it does not change the git log when changing branches. 

Each time when you switch a branch, you have to manually click on "Branch", then "Select..." and search for the corresponding branch.

Can this also be done automatically? In other words, when you switch branches, then the log should switch to that branch as well.


What kind of behavior do you have configured under "Gear" icon next to a branch list? If you set "On single click Update branch filter" next time during checkout your filter "Branch" should be set to a checked out branch


Ah, I see now. That works. Had some trouble finding the gear icon, but that was the gear on the left-hand side. Thanks!


When you switch branches, files that are not tracked by Git will remain untouched. Since Git does not know about new  file it will not just delete it.                                                                                                                                                                                


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