2022.2 Indexing Module 'some site' takes forever...

I've been using PHP Storm for a couple years now and only recently, the Indexing Module sitename does NOT run in the background. It takes center stage and grinds my Mac to a standstill.

Can we disable that?

And what about the Remote Host "Mappings Tab", Deployment Path defaults to not having a slash as default?

And...why when we duplicate an FTP connection , does it not retain the user and password?

It seems these are simple things that really show us users down.


I just updated to 2022.3 restarted and now it's reindexing the project it just indexed a couple minutes ago... How frustrating is that?


I can see that this was an issue for many years and Jet Brains seems to not be concerned..?


I will repeat myself in this thread as well, if you do not mind.

As I mentioned before, there is no single unresolved major loop indexing issue and most cases are unique.
Do you experience a non-stop indexing, right?

Could you please tell us more about it? Is it a PHP project?
What file system underlies the project? Is there any chance that some files can be changed externally or by some process? (f.e. logs, caches, generated data, etc) 


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