PHP squeeze when using WSL and Shopware

Dear Sir/Miss.

I use wsl2 and my project is inside WSL2. I wanted yo know what should work more efficiently to install PHP storm over WSL2 or over Windows.

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Hello Jose,

Have you already tried opening your project from the "\\wsl$" share directly?
Is there any specific issue that you met?



This is the root for the project opened from windows \\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\var\www\html\development.

Is better always to run Phpstorm from Ubuntu installed over WSL2.

I have 16Gb memory. Do I have to move to 32GB?


External files sync might be slow. It is on a network drive?

External files sync might be slow. The current inotify (7) watch limit is too low. Actually is over 500000.


Apart from these messages, did you notice any issues like freezing or infinite indexing on WSL share?

Also, please check:



In my case, there is no infinite indexing. It gets freezing consuming all memory available. 

Which memory size is recommended?



It depends on various factors like size of your project, used plugins and so on.

What are your system specs? How much memory exactly is used by PhpStorm in your case?


System specs: HP ProBook 450G. Ram: 16GB. Intel 5 11th.

I'm running PHP from WSL2 installed over Ubuntu. When PHP is running and indexing PHP use 2GB and WSL2 use 7GB. Free memory is about only 18%.





Thank you for your reply.

Have you tried checking what exact processes are consuming the most RAM share inside the WSL instance?


Hi. Anyway, what happen is that when I Phpstorm memory consumed by WSL increases considerably.  I bought more memory to solve the problem. Form my side can be closed this ticket.

Best Regards.


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