phpstorm constantly opening in full screen

How can I prevent PhpStorm from opening a project in full screen mode? Its very annoying, especially on a widescreen monitor. I have combed through all the settings and can't find anything I can turn off. 


Does the "View > Apperrance > Exit Full Screen" open even work?
Do I understand it correctly that once project is re-opened, this option resets to "Full screen" back? 


For me seemingly it always reverts. I am on version 2022.2.4


Thanks for the update.

Here is a similar ticket, I believe:

Is there any specific reason why would not you update IDE to the most recent build, 2022.3.1? Would it be possible to install the update?


thank you i just downloaded it will see if it fixes the issue


It started to happen to me too, with PhpStorm 2023.2.

Yesterday I did not have any issue, but today, all the times I opened PhpStorm, it is on full screen mode. I deselect it, and it restarts, but the very next time I open it, it is still in full screen mode.


Apaderno Are you on Linux, right?

Please check this ticket:

Does it look like your scenario?


Yes, it seems like my case, although in this moment I cannot reproduce it on the second monitor. I probably do not understand correctly what native header is switched off means. I can say it does not happen when the new UI is not used; when the new UI is used, the issue sometimes happens and sometime does not.


Thank you for the confirmation.

As far as I see, this bug should be fixed in the upcoming 2023.2.1 minor release. If you use JetBrains Toolbox, you may easily install 2023.2.1 Preview build already.


I have changed Linux distribution and reinstalled PhpStorm (release 2023.2.1). I do not have the issue anymore. 


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