Postgres - generated DDL always includes permissions/owner


I recently started using DataGrip, and wanted to know if there is a way to disable the generation of the ownership lines when generating DDL?

Every time I generate a DDL via 'Right click (on object from db explorer)' > 'SQL Scripts' > 'Generate DDL to Clipboard' the resulting script appends the following.

alter table example_table
owner to example_user;

I've used DBeaver and it doesn't add ownership to the definition of the table/view/procedure.

I found this issue on YouTrack and apparently the option is available on version 2022.1, but now I am in 2022.3 and cannot find the feature.

Is there a way to customize this?



Could you please provide screenshot from "right click -> SQL Scripts -> SQL Generator"?


Thank you, I was stuck using "right click -> SQL Scripts -> Generate DDL to Clipboard/Query Console"

The result of  "right click -> SQL Scripts -> SQL Generator" is what I needed with many more options for customization:

Picking "Ignore owner" solved my question, thank you so much.


You are welcome! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


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