Performance issues related to indexing at startup


I wasn't sure on how to title this one. I hope I can explain it better in the description down here...

I would like to know if it's possible to make IntelliJ and WebStorm use old set of indexes while it is still re-indexing on startup. The reason is that I manage around 90 repositories and have to frequently jump from one project to the other and always keep only one window open for saving the PC resources. Since we can't use intellisense and navigation while it's re-indexing, I have to sit there waiting for a while until I can actually start working. I move between projects several times during the day and although it might not seem like a long time at first, it all adds up, you know...

This is only an issue on startup. All other re-indexing that happens afterwards don't seem to block me from using navigation and intellisense (or it's so much faster I don't notice).

I'm currently using 2022.3.1 Ultimate and I also have database set up on most of these projects. Sometimes the indexes for the database don't work properly, but I think that's a matter for a different support ticket



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