Debugger engaged but ingnoring all breakpoints

I've tried to get the debugger to work but it ignores my breakpoint. In fact, any breakpoint I add via the IDE it ignores. 

I added a problem report and uploaded my log files as requested. 

The debugger engages. It shows the debugger dialog. It runs the chrome browser and when I reproduce the area in which it is supposed to stop at a breakpoint it shows my debug messages indicating that it enters the method and then exits it without stopping at the breakpoint. I'm trying to stop and inspect before I get the JS error.

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can be a problem with sourcemaps. Could you check if you can see your actual source code in the Sources tab of Chrome Dev Tools when you open your page in Chrome? If yes, could you share screenshots illustrating this? Do the same breakpoints work in Dev Tools?

BTW, I can see the following errors in log:

libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)] dri3 extension not supported

Looks like something is wrong with your Chromium/OS setup; not sure if it's related though

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My sources inside chrome are pointed to my /app folder. I can see all the ts files. 

If I put a breakpoint using the browser, I get the same results. It simply ignores any breakpoints I attempt to set. 


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