Debug Angular Application with multiple tabs

Does anyone know if it is possible to debug an angular application that opens several Tabs when "routed" ?

localhost:4200/app --> I can debug with Intellij

localhost:4200/app/myTask --> opens in a separate tab in chrome and my breakpoints in typescript code are not considered.

Does anyone know if it is possible to debug multiple tabs within Intellij ?


 you have 2 possible solutions here:
- create a different JavaScript debug run configuration for your other page URL
- attach to a tab in a running Chrome

In the latter case, you need starting Chrome with –remote-debugging-port option and use Attach to Node.js\Chrome run configuration


I have the same problem

I've just tried both JavaScript debug and Attach to Chrome and both only debug a single Chrome tab

I'm confused why you would suggest user to create multiple debug profiles manually - what is the problem with automating such a simple and tedious task?

Don't you think that in real-life multi-tab support is the norm, not an exception?


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