IDE requires pasword for sftp connection via openssh config and auth agent after update JetBrains ETW

Good day dear friends! Yesterday I had a notification about new update for JetBrains ETW tool. I had successfully installed. Then PhpStorm required to restart too due to upgrades. From that restart PhpStorm requires password for sftp connection which configured to auth via ssh open key. Please, any one who knows, help me to fix it.



Do you have the same password prompt when you test connection in "SSH Configurations" window or only Deployment configuration is affected?

Is it PhpStorm 2022.3.1, right?


Nothing requires while connecting from terminal.


There was a similar issue a while ago:

But it should be fixed already.

Probably, logs may shed some light on what is going on.
Would it be possible to enable the extended deployment logging, reproduce the error and collect the log files pack?

To enable it, please add the following lines to the "Help > Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings":

Logs can be collected with the "Help > Collect Logs" menu option.

Afterwards, you may upload these to JetBrains Upload services:

Or submit a YouTrack ticket and attach logs there:


Thanks for response, Vasiliy! I uploaded logs to uploads.jetbrains, here Upload id: 2023_01_21_eNe1UJn2sAvsGk4iBXSNyA (file: log.txt), also added debug settings, hope you'll catch reasons.


Sorry for the late response and thank you for sharing the log files pack. There is one major thing that I have noticed in your logs: 

Client identity string: SSH-2.0-IntelliJ__PhpStorm_PS-213.7172.28

From what I see, there is 213.7172.28 build client string which means that you might have a PhpStorm 2021.3.3 which is quite outdated nowadays. Could you please double-check to what exact version your IDE instance has been updated? 


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