Move Statement shortcut formats blank lines incorrectly


I like my code to have those extra spaces on blank lines up to the tab/scope location, but moving lines using the ctrl+shift+up/down shortcut often removes most of these spaces. How do I prevent it from doing this?

btw, I recorded a short video of what I'm talking about, but I can't figure out how to attach it to this post. I used the "upload service", but I have no idea where or how to access it or how to get it on this post. Please help

Here's an imgur link for now:


Hi - see if it helps to enable the following option:


It's already enabled. That's actually why reformatting the code, as seen in the video, puts the spaces back. I think it might actually be a bug


Thank you. I think I can reproduce it now.

I logged a new issue for it so that the Dev team can check the problem:, you are welcome to follow the progress and leave additional comments there.


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