IDE blade reformatting breaks one line to two line

<option value="{{$prog->id}}">{{$prog->name}} v{{$prog->version}}</option> 

i have a code line like this and it's output is like "program v1.2" but if i reformat the blade page it becoming like : 

<option value="{{$prog->id}}">{{$prog->name}}

and it's output is "program                                                     v1.2" after getting the text of selected option. i cant trim spaces casuse cant know the the program name, it could be more than 1 word. How should i cancel this adding extra space chars. Thanks

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It looks like a line exceeds the hard wrap limit and the content moves to a new line.

There are a few ways:

- Increase Hard warp at in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Code Style | General.

- Enable Turn formatter on/off with markers <...> option in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Code Style | Formatter and add these comments in your code using this instruction:

I hope it helps.


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