New branches popup


Not a fan.

First, so much more work for me to manually have to expand the groups every time it opens. At least it should remember which groups are expanded and restore that state the next time. Visually searching for a remote branch means for me pressing the shortcut and then three mouse clicks: Remote, origin, branch prefix (e.g. "feature") and then I see the list of remote branches.

Second, when using quick search results from remote branches or "subfolders" are only shown if either the other groups are empty or when I press the down key.

Third, previously entering "new" or "newbranch" would find the "New branch" entry and preselect it first. Now it's not considered as a search result. The last existing branch containing "new" is preselected and entering "newbranch" shows an empty list.

I really don't like bashing new features but for me this is once again a supposed "improvement" that makes my workflow actually worse.


Thank you for your feedback. We will look into how to improve a branch popup and navigation within it


+1 not improved, "improvement" of the branch popup. There are more clicks to make to navigate all my local branches now, which I usually don't have very many of. And many times I go to the branches popup to create a New Branch, which used to always visible in the popup, now I have to scroll sometimes to get to it.


Really BAD experience about this "improvement". I wanna know if the dev or manager have  tried this feature 


Yeah, really bad new design, too much nesting.

If you could keep starred branches also on a list on the top, outside of the tree, that would be lovely already. No need to destroy the new stuff, just give me a list of starred branches at the top.


+1 On the new branch issue.

Previously I'd just click the branch widget in the footer, type "new", hit enter, and it'd bring up the new branch dialogue. Now though, you have to manually select "new branch" or use another key combination to get the new branch dialogue.


YouTrack issue related to this post: IDEA-318554 Messed up search in git branches popup with 2023.1


Add my vote to people really, really wanting this changed back to something close to what it was before. I tend to work with a few branches at a time, and swithching between those has gone from two-three key strokes, to having to scroll to the bottom and look the branch up.

I used to tell people that working with branches in CLion was so much faster than using command line, but that is not the case now for switching branches.


Open issues on YouTrack related to new branches popup:


Is it possible to get back old branch popup? This is so visually incomprehensible. I don't need nesting and it takes time from me processing the content of the popup. It didn't take time from me before.

I am really bothered by an IDE that I'm using for years changes in such a way. You can see how bothered I am by the fact that I was searching the internet, finding this post and writing a comment myself. 

I need a common, unchanging IDE in order to accomplish my tasks efficiently. You can ignore this feedback, but have to face the fact that this may be the small reasons that make people switch products. Really, not nice. You can ship features in a less aggressive way, imo.

I have to add, we follow the good-practice rule to only have a few short-living feature branches at any given time. Nesting is thus unnecessarily confusing. We don't need a collapsed remote section, and we definitely don't need it collapsed all the time, and we most definitely don't need a section for /feature, /bug /hot-fix etc.


You can make the branches dialog a little more tolerable by unchecking "Group by Prefix" in the Settings (⋮) menu. Otherwise branches with forward slashes are broken up into a folder like hierarchy.


They listened some

i just updated to Build #WS-232.9921.42, built on September 12, 2023

they added a way to turn off recents


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