In "Add Locales" what type of 'locale codes' are they referring to?



I've create the Resource Bundle name, and now have the Add Locales dialog.  It's asking me to input locale codes.


But I don't know what code represents English.  What type of code are they asking for?  Is there a numeric code that represents English?


I'm just trying to write the ResourceBundle.getBundle( "appName", Local.ENGLISH ) line.  But it's telling me that it can't find a bundle for the base name "appName", which I guess makes sense since the properties file is empty.  The appName.Properties file has already been created, but I'm not clear on what to add in the Add Locales dialog box.



I went ahead and just added the property manually.


I still don't know what 'codes' mean, I searched around for the term in a Resource/Locale context.  But at least we have a working properties file, populated manually.


But I don't know what code represents English. 

You can try using en_US to indicate English locale. Please see a complete list of Java locales at


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