Missing Javscript Debugger Console Output in Webstorm 2022.3.1?

When using the Javscript Debugger configuration I've noticed in the latest version that the window for the console is missing. Oddly enough, you can type into the live debugger terminal and Chrome will show output in its dev tools debugger.  For example, if I ran the command, console.log("hello world"), in the terminal below, I would see a "hello world" message popup in the Chrome debugger.

Strangely enough, if I go back to version 2022.1.4 (the version I was using before upgrading), it works perfectly fine.  Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

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Can be a problem with JCEF; could you please check if disabling js.debugger.webconsole registry option helps: Help | Find action, type Registry... to locate it)?


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