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I have recently purchased Webstorm, I am finding it very good, in my opinion far superior to Vscode, but this is a personal opinion.

I can't figure out how to configure some options, for example

1. how do I disable spell-checking? If I have a text in my language, e.g. in h2:

<h2>Ciao, come stai oggi? </h2>

Webstorm reports it as a spelling error, but it is actually correct.


2. how do I restore all the changes made in Settings?

Thank you for your help


1. You can disable **Proofreading | Typo** inspection in **Settings | Editor | Inspections**; but I'd recommend adding the appropriate dictionary in **Settings | Editor | Natural Languages** instead. See

2. **File > Manage IDE Settings > Restore Default Settings...** makes the IDE start with the default IDE-level settings. Note that this action auto-creates a backup of your current preferences so that you can always re-set them back


Thank you very much, I can install my local language (Italian)!

if I may ask the last question, the tag matching is highlighted by a green vertical line (I attach screenshot).
How do I enable or disable it? 
I was able to do it but now I don't remembero.... 
is it also possible to change this color?

I have no further questions :-)
Thank you


These lines are called indent guides; indent guides colors can be configured in Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | General, Editor > Guides > Indent guide and Indent guide selected. You can also disable them in Settings | Editor | General | Appearance, Show indent guides


Great, thank you so much :)


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