PhpStorm does not remember (all) last recent files anymore

Hi there,
I use the Switcher feature (Ctrl + Tab) a lot to navigate between my recently opened files.
since a few weeks, it's not working reliable anymore as it often forgets some of my opened files.
It does not matter whether I opened the files by navigating through the code or "search everywhere" (double shift)

Skipping through my last cursor positions with Cmd + Option + <arrow key> still works though. 

I could not identify any pattern yet, any ideas to debug this issue are welcome.

My setup:
- MacBook Pro with M1
- PhpStorm v2022.3.2

Best regards

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Hi Felix,

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce the issue on my side. However, there is a quite similar ticket on YouTrack:

You may subscribe for it to get updates or even leave your comment there and/or share log files.

If you notice any kind of pattern (like specific file types), please let us know, it would be useful for investigation.


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