IntelliJ Autocomplete Moves Cursor To Some New Line Instead of End of Statement


When selecting an autocomplete suggestion via the ENTER key, IntelliJ Ultimate will jump to some other line down the page upon completion/selection. In my case I type out "pri" select "private" and it jumps to the method definition of the next method. I have no clue how to change this and couldn't find a good article where someone has the same issue, but its severely hampering my productivity.  

Any help?

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If you manually select the suggestion in the completion dialog, can you see this issue too?
Please try to disable all downloaded plugins from `Settings/Preferences | Plugins | gear icon in the right of the "Installed" Tab | Disable All Downloaded Plugins` and restart the IDEA to see whether a plugin causes this problem. (You could reenable them all together in the same place)

If it doesn't help, please share the IDEA logs from IDE main menu `Help | Show Log in ...` after reproducing this issue.


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