Vitest - import with alias not working

It seems that after the release that support vitest, my aliased import files are not recognized anymore in my spec files only.

I have 2 different config files (which are basically almost the same):
- vite.config.ts and vitest.config.ts

In my configuration i set my vitest config file path, however it didn't solve the issue:

In my spec files aliased import are not working:

However outside my test file it works:


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Does it work if you use non-aliased path? I believe that the actual issue is that the IDE doesn't expect .vue files imports in .ts files and resolves import to d.ts shim where the corresponding module is declared

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Yes it works if i don't use the alias import.

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Weird. Actually it works for me when using both aliased and non-aliased imports, so it must be a configuration issue. Do you have a sample project you could share that reproduces the problem?

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I fixed by updating my tsconfig.json file.

It was missing in the include property the tests folder: 

"include": [
"tests/**/*.ts" <--- this line was missing
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Fine, thanks for letting me know!


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