Custom ArchiveFileSystem Implimentation Not Working (ArchiveFileSystem, ArchiveFileType and ArchiveHandler implemented)


 I'm creating a plugin for modding a game. I have added an implementation of ArchiveFileSystem, ArchiveFileType, and ArchiveHandler which have all been added to the projects plugin.xml. With all this being said, when I try to summon an instance of the filesystem with VirtualFileManager.getInstance().getFileSystem(DAYZ_PBO_PROTOCOL) as PboFilesystem I end up getting a null pointer. I assume this means the filesystem isn't getting registered, but this doesn't seem to be the case. ANY help would be great, here's the repository


The protocol seems to be registered, for some reason though the myCache.get() returns that there is nothing. At this point am I right to assume this is an SDK error?



Please try to replace id="pbo" with key="pbo" and see if it helps.

If not, please provide a minimal reproducible project that compiles. The linked repository cannot be built because of missing dependencies, e.g., bisutils-jvm.


Oh my god, if this is a requirement that's definitely the reason it wasn't working. I had a keen suspicion it was due to the xml. I guess I was thinking of the Protocol ID when I defined it in the xaml. I'll let you know if this solves my issue when I get the chance. Appreciate the response.


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