Cant' jump to source in PhpStorm ver. 2022.3.2


I've got this line:
require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/themes/summit_stockholm/php/utf8_decode_array.php");

In PhpStorm ver. 2022.2.2 I could right click > Go To > Declaration or Usages which opened the include file in the editor.

This is not working in version 2022.3.2 (or 2022.3.1)

In version 2022.2.2 PhpStorm recognised the file as souce, but not anymore. See snips below.

Mouse over info for ver. 2022.2.2

Mouse over info for ver. 2022.3.2


Am I missing a new setting or something?

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Hi Erik,

As far as I know, nothing related has changed in 2022.3.2 and navigation should work fine.
Unfortunately, it is hard to say anything without having your specific project but I was wondering if you have already tried to invalidate caches, some code navigation issues are usually fixed by this action:

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Well, invalidating the cache didn't help.
But refactor/renaming the file worked.

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This is surprising, I wonder why a simple rename has helped here.
Nonetheless, I am glad to hear that things work fine for you now, thank you for the update.


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