How do I know if I have the apple-silicon optimized WebStorm installed?


Just moved to an M2 mac from intel, and webstorm asked me to re-install itself to a apple silicon-optimized version.

I couldn't find an "apple silicon" version in toolbox, so I just re-installed the only webstorm that was available there.

Is there a way to check if I have the right one?


A related issue, after migrating to new mac the console inside of webstorm is EXTREMELY LAGGY. Typing anything make the letters appear with 1-2s lag. Is that a known issue? Typing the exact same commands in normal terminal has 0 lag.

Hi! You did everything right. The Toolbox App detects the architecture and downloads the correct version.
You can check it in the Activity Monitor (run any IDE via Toolbox App, and the Activity Monitor will show Apple architecture in the kind column).

If the issue persists, please file a performance problem report at

Attach the CPU snapshot per and the logs using Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data.

See if EAP version works better for you:


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