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  • Bruparel created a post,

    HAML - 2

    I just converted one of my projects from ERB to HAML using Rubymine and am impressed with its HAML support.  Good job!I just do not know what HAML specific functionality is available, in other word...
  • Bruparel created a post,


    How do you create a new HAML document in Rubymine?  All I see is the RHTML option which should be renamed to ERB anyway (about time).  But there seems to be no explicit option to create a new HAML ...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Tabs in erb

        This is something that baffles me.  I selected a group oferb statements and hit tab to space them since I want to insert code.  they moved over 4 spaces.  So I went to the settings -> general s...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Rails Console

    Is it possible to to bring up the Rails console at a specified point in the program and type in commands in that specific context?  If not, is this in a future release plan?Thanks.Bharat
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Rubymine 2.0.1 upgrade producing errors

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.  Just upgraded to Rubymine 2.0.1.  Even starting brings up the following errors in the bash window.  Rubymine seems to work fine however:update failed for AnAction with ID=B...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    More screencasts

    Hello Team Rubymine,Happy holidays to you all.  I have a request.  Can you please publish more screencasts geared towards intermediate/advanced users of Rubymine?  I think by now a good number of u...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Javascript code completion in Rubymine 1.1.1

    First the positive - Navigation in erb/javascript is working great.Now the negative - The code completion does not work at all in Javascript.  See the attached screenshot.BharatAttachment(s):Screen...
  • Bruparel created a post,


    Rubymine is not able to display the documentation for jQuery Javascript code, whereas on the same project Netbeans has no problems?  Is there some kind of registration that needs to be done in sett...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Inconsistent behavior in the views file

    Please look at the following code snippet in a views partial labeled _js_head.html.erb in my project:<% content_for :head do %>    <%= stylesheet_link_tag '/javascripts/jsTree/source/tree_component...
  • Bruparel created a post,

    Shoulda support

    Hello,I am delighted to see that you are adding support for Shoulda in release 1.2.  Please consider adding support for Factory_Girl as well so that both can be used together.  I just started using...