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  • J C created a post,

    Unable to find Simulators

    Hi,my AppCode 3 was working find but it cannot find simulators when I run my app.xcodebuild: error: Unable to find a destination matching the provided destination specifier:           { id:A65A4BFD...
  • J C created a post,

    "weakify" macro editor error

    Hi,I'm using the  libextobjc weakify and strongify macros but AppCode gives an error even though the app builds fine.    @weakify(self);     [self.viewModel.updatedContentSignal subscribeNext:^(id...
  • J C created a post,

    Disable documentation popup

    Hi,I enabled in the settings the popup of the documentation when I place the mouse cursor over a method but I don't remember what was the name of the setting. I would like to disable it since it do...
  • J C created a post,

    AppCode keeps adding a comment in pbxproj

    Hi,it looks like my AppCode is all the time adding a comment /* MyAppName */ in the project.pbxproj.TestTargetID = 8BA5C7D817E759380071549D /* MyAppName */;This is a bit annoying because it all the...
  • J C created a post,

    The run destination iPhone is not valid for Running the scheme

    Hi,I've installed a fresh copy of XCode and AppCode and when I try to build/run a HelloWord project, AppCode says xcodebuild: error: The run destination iPhone is not valid for Running the scheme '...
  • J C created a post,

    objc_msgSend when step into

    Hi,I have AppCode 2.5 and when I try to debug and step in to a method, AppCode show "objc_msgSend" instead of stepping in. I have to hit step in a second time to actually going int the method.The a...
  • J C created a post,

    "unknown Class" when debugging ?

    Hi,when I'm debugging my app,  I cannot see the values of the properties of some classes.When I get the value using "po runObject.title", the correct value is displayed.I'm using AppCode 2.1.2 with...
  • J C created a post,

    AppCode 2.1.2 iOS 6 simulators missing?

    Hi,I have AppCode 2.1.2 and I've downloaded the iOS7 SDK. When I want to run an app in a simulator, I can only chose iOS 7 Simulator. How can I run the app on a iOS 6 one ?cheers
  • J C created a post,

    id variables values not shown when debugging

    Hi,when a variable is a type of id, it is impossible to see any info about it in the debugger. Is there a way to see which class it actually is? "po aValue" shows correctly the actual value so why ...
  • J C created a post,

    NSDictionary+MyCategory = crash?

    Hi,I have a static library in which I declare a category but when I use the declared method, the app simply crashes. The catheroy method is dummy:- (NSString *)formattedStringForKey:(NSString *)jso...