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  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Tabstack throwing an exception in Leda

    Does anybody know if this is still maintained?  It doesn't look like it, but it is very useful.Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only.Details: Current thread: Thread[ApplicationImpl pool...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    SVN password not being saved

    I am checking the option, but the password isn't being saved.  My CVS password is being saved.  Can anyone point me to logs, etc where I could identify the problem?I am on Mac OSX 10.7.  I was rece...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Mac OS/X 10 can't run Glassfish 2.1.1

    Is anyone else having this problem.  I can run 11.0 and GF, but not 11.1.  
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Does 98.486 have a trojan?

    AVG is detecting Trojan horse Generic20.KYW in idea.exe.  This has never happened before.
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Local History settings?

    Where did the local history settings move to?  I am using X and trying to increase the number of days kept the local history.  I looked through settings and even searched, but can't find it.
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Maia-94.539 - IDEA Code coverage runner - ClassNotFoundException

    I get the following exception when I try to run my applications or JUnit tests with the IDEA code coverage runner.  All of these worked for the previous builds.  If I change from IDEA to Emma, it w...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    175446 - Exception when I reopen a project

    com.intellij.openapi.util.InvalidDataException: com.intellij.openapi.util.InvalidDataExceptioncom.intellij.openapi.components.impl.stores.InvalidComponentDataException: com.intellij.openapi.util.In...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Unable to start 90.* due to coverage exception

    The last build I have been able to use reliably is 10666.  Here is the exception that I have been getting since the move to 90.*.  I used the built in exception reporting tool, but no changes.  I t...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Maven - generate-sources

    We are using mvn to generate web service clients.  Per the CXF instructions, we designate the sourceRoot as ${basedir}/target/generated/src/main/java.  The only problem with this is that you then h...
  • Norris Shelton created a post,

    Maia Maven Issues

    1) Make runs before any of the Maven lifecycle events.  This causes compile errors for classes that would be generated by Maven2) "Re-import Maven projects" does nothing3) Settings | Maven |    Non...