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  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    How to change the Specs2 file template?

    By default I am using the immutable Specs2 configuration. Thus I always have to change the default file template for Specs2 test files.Is there any way to change this file template or even create a...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    Setting up a dependency as a module

    I try to factor my projects into smaller sbt-based modules. Then it happens often that I am working on a project A and need to change code in one of the dependency projects (call it X). I don't wan...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    Problems with CPS plugin and external build

    I'm not able to get the CPS plugin working when using external build mode; it keeps saying "unknown option: '-P:continuations:enabled'.I managed to compile and run my stuff when disabling external ...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    View Scaladoc in browser

    Is it possible to use `View -> External Documentation` with libraries that have a documentation jar with scaladoc attached? For me this option is always greyed out, while it is working with javadoc...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    How to exclude classes from having a package prefix enforced (collection.mutable, java.util)

    Reading through the commits and looking at the plugin source I thought you added support for this. E.g. you have excluded `ArrayBuffer` inside the source code of the plugin.But I cannot find a way ...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    Search method completion by return type

    Often I invoke the completion list to view all available methods (on an object) and am looking for a particular return type. It would be great if I could somehow filter down the list by return type...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    What is the schedule for moving to IDEA 11?

    Please tell us ahead of time how the migratition is planned (like: development switches to 11 on X, 10.5 will receive bugfixes until Y).And also once you switch over, announce it in the forum or on...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    IDEA stopped recognizing entry points in my scala objects

    For several versions IDEA doesn't recognize objects containing a main method as executable. All my old run configs are marked invalid and I can't right-click on objects to execute them anymore. Do ...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    Error marks in the complete body when method return type is wrong

    Currently, the complete body of a method is marked red when the return type of the method is not the specified return type.This is very annoying because when initially writing a method, everything ...
  • Thomas Vultura created a post,

    Fixing the move refactoring

    Today I did a larger refactoring of my code base, which included many splitting of files with multiple entities and moving stuff to other packages.I must say that Idea fails miserably in helping me...