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  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    Find Usages and Refactorings don't work?

    I'm using IntelliJ 4.5.4, and I've noticed recently that Find Usages tells me that there are no usages of a method, when I know for a fact that there are plenty of usages.And when I try to change t...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    OT: Argh... Unicode in HTML/JSP problems

    We are trying to make our webapp more international, and currently support English, Spanish, Portugeuse, German, French, and a bunch of other languages. ISO8859-1 seems to be a good enough code set...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    4.5.3: Copy and Paste, CTRL-Space broken in certain places in JSPs

    Is there a known issue where inside certain custom tags in JSP files, CTRL-C does nothing, and hitting CTRL-Space on a . on a variable does nothing? This used to work fine...This is so frustrating....
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    Is there a request in the tracker for...

    ... a feature to continue processing an action after being notified a file is not editable, and checking out the file?For instance, if I go to change a method signature, or some other refactor, and...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    General Servlet/Java Question regarding http redirects

    When issuing a response.sendRedirect(url) from a servlet or a useBean, how do you all deal with what happens in the currently processing class from that point on? It seems that processing continues...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    HotSwap with Tomcat reloads context??

    Hey everybody,I'm developing in IDEA 4.5.1 with Tomcat 5 using the Tomcat debug config. Whenever I modify a class, and hit Make Project (CTRL-F9), IDEA asks if I want to Reploy the webapp. I hit "N...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    JSP EL help

    Anybody here familiar with JSP EL, especially when using <c:if> tags from the JSTL? I'm trying to test if a parameter exists, but the expression is always evaluating to true within the c:if tag, ev...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    Tomcat 5.0, and multiple projects

    I have two separate projects that I'd like to develop using Tomcat 5.0. BOTH projects need to be in the ROOT or / context.How should I setup my projects and tomcat installation to be able to debug ...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    Is JSP editing extremely slow for anybody else?

    In 2174, editing JSPs is very very slow.It takes 5+ minutes for the syntax validator to even mark any errors on the 50 or so lines of code visible on the screen, and then another 5+ minutes for the...
  • Ian Zabel created a post,

    JSP Ctrl-Space taking forever... please reopen

    JetBrainers,Has anyone taken a look at this issue in a while? http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=18853We still see this problem in 4.0. I've posted a few stacktraces in there.Tha...