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  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Highlighting of matching selected text...

    I use a dark colour scheme and so I have problems with the highlighting of the matches to the selected text : see screenshot.Can you tell me what setting it is that configures the colour used here?...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Project Roots won't open

    I've got a problem. I needed to remove one jar from my classpath, and add a different one.My project consists of 1 web module.I opened Project Settings and clicked on Project Roots. On the left s...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Shameless... for votes: we can have it in Idea? It's such a fundamental usability problem.Well, if not: I started to feel ok with the way it is,...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    JIRA problems

    When adding some issues to JIRA, I'm getting following error from time to time: Errors org.ofbiz.core.entity.GenericDataSourceException: SQL Exception while executing the following:SELECT pkey,...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Properties inspection

    .... reports all properties as "Unused property" even though I can navigate from the source code to the property with Ctrl + click/b. Bug or do I have something not setup correctly?-- "A man's ethi...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Perforce rename / move problem?

    I just started using Perforce. It seems that when I rename or move a file, IDEA does p4 revert then p4 add. Why doesn't it p4 integrate then p4 delete/revert? Do I have something configured wrong? ...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Refactoring dialogs getting in the way

    I've been thinking lately, I see a lot of dialogs when I'm editing code in IDEA. It's because I use refactorings and intentions constantly. Almost every refactoring has a dialog, and I usually choo...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Request for "Originally posted by" field in JIRA

    For IDEA Backlog, I wish that my name were in some "Originally posted by" field for my old Tracker requests, so I could search for all of my old requests, and I can add Watches for them. Are there ...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    No Way Eclipse touches IDEA

    (Sorry for long post, but could not make it shorter without clarifying my points)I tried hard to get Eclipse to work for me for the past 3 days, and there is simply no way that the Eclipse Project ...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Find usages in file

    Hi,In IDEA 4.5.2, if you tried to "find usages in file" by pressing CTRL+F7 on an attribute that had an accessor and NOT a mutator, IDEA also asked you if you wanted to search for its acessors too....