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  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Adding a classpath entry

    I'm trying to follow an example where someone accessed application 2 from application 1.using GWT. A quote from that methodology is:After adding "]]>" to, adding "%~dp0\src\com\...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Runtime exception

    Am getting the following rutime error: Any ideas?Exception in thread "Timer-0" java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.apache.xerces.dom.DocumentImpl.getXmlStandalone()Z at
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Odd runtime warning message

    Any idea what the following means or how to get rid of the warning? Getting bytecode for 'com.intellij.rt.debugger.BatchEvaluatorServer' Unable to find compilation unit for type 'com.intellij...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Debugger hangs

    Using IntelliJ 7.03, jdk 1.6 (java version "1.5.0-13"), googlemaps_gwt_2_2_1 and GWT 1.4.62.When debugging over the statement "ListBox lb = new ListBox();" by pressing F8 IntelliJ hangs. I actual...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    which jdk for idea-7757

    I just upgraded my Linux OS (Mandriva 2008.1) but can't remember which Java SDK I need. I tried jdk-6u5-linux-i586 just out of curiosity, but couldn't get around its compile errors, so I tried jdk-...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Stack trace when attempting to run new 7.0 (idea-7361)

    When executing from the newly downloaded 7.0 I get the following:Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file at java.lang.Cla...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    What is the name of the file containing the license key?

    To upgrade to 7.0 I have to supply the license key. Where do I find it?
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Stack trace in m2

    I'm getting the following dump in 7.0M2. This is with jdk 1.6.0_03. Is this the wrong jdk release level? Yet the application "seems" to execute ok. I just installed a new release of Mandriva Linu...
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Query string with GWT and 7.0 M2

    How can I pass a query string into a GWT application using Selena 7.0 M2?
  • Rich Downing created a post,

    Import cannot be resolved

    I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 7.0M2.When I add a new library, and reference an element from that library, i get the blue message indicating that I should press Alt+Enter to have the import added. It add...