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  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    JSP compile question

    We have some front-end developers that use Weblogic Workshop to create JSPs. When they use classes from the java.util package in those JSPs they aren't required to import them. But, when I open the...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Opening JAR-Packaged JavaDocs in external Browser

    Hi,I'm running IDEA on Linux and use Konqueror as my standard browser. Toopen URLs, I use a script. The Problem now is, that IDEA won't openURLs pointing into a JAR file in the external browser. Th...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    good things

    our website :  email and messager:  MSN:
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Unforgettable Taste, Xi’an Dumpling Banquet

    Unforgettable Taste, Xi’an Dumpling BanquetChina possesses a rich food culture. There are four sorts of major cuisines in China and these four major cuisines can be subdivided into many different k...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Chinese Handcraft: Folk Paper-Cuts

    Chinese Handcraft: Folk Paper-Cuts[/b]  Originating in the cradle of ancient Chinese culture, Shaanxi paper-cuts have a time-honored history and have been handed down from generation to generation ...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Palkhor Monastery

    Palkhor Monastery Tibet is a charming place which remains its special culture and natural remoteness. Paying a visit to Tibet will become a pleasant memory for a tourist. Many tourist visit Tibet, ...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Updating current project

    Is there anyway to automatically perform a CVS update on the currentlyopened project when starting IntellijTIA-- David McCallumProgrammerActual Systems UK Ltde: davidmccallum@actual-systems.comw: w...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Hibernate and IntelliJ

    Hi,   I have just started to use Hibernate and have run across an interesting  problem. After I have run the application I am working on while in  IntelliJ the editor can not resolve the variable I...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    Live template help needed

    I have a class that I use everywhere called MyConstants. It is pretty much just a container for a bunch of public static final longs and to save typing, I created a live template. I want to be able...
  • ANONYMOUS created a post,

    auto-generated ui code

    We have our GUI options set to generate the GUI code into the java files. When we build from the command-line (via ant), shouldn't the $$$autogenerated$$$ blocks be regenerated?We have a case where...