Rubymine Run and Debug is not working


Run and Debug is not working in RubyMine 2022.3.2

1. While I am trying to run the Feature using Run .feature file , I am getting below error. please help me to resolve this.

2023-02-17T11:48:45.612+11:00 [main] WARN Ruby : Warning: not setting network stack system property because socket subsystem may already be booted.If you need this option please set it manually as a JVM property.
Use OR prepend -J as a JRuby option.
Deprecated: Found tags option '~@wip'. Support for '~@tag' will be removed from the next release of Cucumber. Please use 'not @tag' instead.
  * features/support/env.rb

Process finished with exit code 20

My Configuration is as below and I selected Disabled option under bundler

2. But if I use terminal and run the below command , Then it is running perfectly.

bundle exec rake cucumber:by_tag -- -t tag_name -e xxx 



Could you please the whole output from the Run console. In addition, which JRuby and Cucumber versions do you use? Is your project by any chance open source so that we can check how it goes on our side?