Extend auto import choices

Is there any possibility of extending the list of choices for auto-importing?

I have modules like:


+--- comments/


+--- non_core_apps/

|     +---init.py

inside the init:

from apps import comments as apps_comments

I want to configure or "trick" Pycharm into suggesting imports from that non_core_apps submodule.

So in case I type apps_comments Pycharm should suggest:

 from non_core_apps import apps_comments

in case I type Comment ( a class contained by apps_comments module) Pycham should suggest:

from non_core_apps.apps_comments import Comment
from apps.comments import Comment

and so on.


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Hi, have you tried the extended completion? (Ctrl/Cmd+Space two times). The second press of a shortcut should expand the scope of completion.