Some troubles I am too lazy to fill into a report

like when you disable "show dialog before pushing to non-protected branches" there is likely no way to reenable that
or that in search dialogs arrow up does not get you to the prompt beginning unlike elsewhere on MacOS
or that popup on toolbar does not show all the kb shortcuts
or that open-closed-tab does not work for diffPreview( of a commit in the making)



1. Please try toggling Preferences | Version Control | Git, "Show Push dialog for Commit" and "Push and Show Push dialog only when committing to protected branches".

2. Please clarify what search dialog doesn't provide such functionality. We've checked the double-shift search and search in the file, and the arrow keys work as expected.

3. Probably, there is no shortcut for these functions. Please check them in Preferences | Keymap.

4. It needs to be clarified here. Is this about the "reopen the closed tab" shortcut and diff preview?


1. I can see, so either I missed it or it was added in a newer version, happy to see that.+)
2. In the following situation the cursor is on the end of the prompt, key up does nothing, but would be better if it moved the cursor to the beginning, so I can add `class ` or something:

4. Yes, tested now just after updating the IDE, still not working.
3. Pretty sure there is, I am using Cmd+á all the time for Run:


Hi Martin,

I'm sorry for the delayed reply. 

Please create feature requests/bug reports for the said issues on Youtrack so we can properly process them. For bug reports, please also attach idea.log to threads (Help | Show logs in...).