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Discalimer. I'm new to IntelliJ :)  Its currently driving me NUTS though.

I've downloaded a starter project for use with QuickBooks online integration.   I've got everything working fine and I want to deploy it.

In the project structure there is build/libs/jar file that I obviously built at some time.  I can run this jar file and it gives me a version from about a month ago.  It seems to be packaged correctly with the correct manifest etc, its just out of date.  

I would really like to know how to rebuild this jar file!  I just cannot update it or get it to rebuild :(

I've tried creating an Artifact - it builds a jar file but it doesn't contain everything it needs and the manifest is wrong.  Surely it cannot be this difficult.

So my question is, how can I make the build/libs/jar file rebuild to reflect the latest code please?  Does it require some magic or a secret handshake or something?


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Is any build tool used in you project (Maven, Gradle)?

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Sorry. My bad. It’s my old age. I just needed to pop the gradle menu open from the right and rebuild it there.

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No problem! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.