IntelliJ compatible replacement for Properties Maven Plugin?


I work on a project that depends on a large number of properties being set in Maven. To keep things clearer the project keeps the settings for the various profiles we use in properties files and uses the Properties Maven Plugin to load them into Maven during the initialize phase.

This works great for command line builds, but when IntelliJ runs Maven the builds itself the plugin isn't run (my understanding is this is the correct behavior). So none of the properties get loaded and filtered files still have ${} in them, causing errors.

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem that would work with Maven builds triggered in IntelliJ? I can't change the way the project works to not need all the properties (that's too big a job for the moment) and I don't want to hardcode them all in the pom file (there's a lot of them across all environments).

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There is related request on YouTrack:

As a workaround you may delegate build to Maven in IDE.