Indexing every time a new project is opened


Why is IntelliJ indexing everything every time a project is opened? Even when there is one or more projects already opened, when I open a new one it starts indexing everything, apparently including my local Maven repo and the JDKs. 
I never touch the java files or its dependencies from outside IntelliJ, I build, commit and add dependencies from inside the IDE. But still I have to wait a few minutes every single time I open a new project for everything to be reindex, which causes a high CPU usage and I can't really do something else.

This image might suggest that is actually reindexing the Maven repo twice at the same time. What's going on?


ASarco Thank you for the report. Would it be possible to submit a support request and attach IDE logs to it?


Same for me. It starts on each run. 


Nerijus Zutautas The root cause from this type of problems can be different in each case. Please contact JetBrains support team at , and share the IDE logs folder zipped. (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)

Thank you!